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Psychanaut creates mystical, visionary and powerful rock/progressive music that has struck a chord in people drawn to insight and positivity rather than the cynicism found in much of the current music scene.

Psychanaut’s lyricist and vocalist Scarlet Jinn and Brian Elliott on guitars consider Psychanaut to be a loose, shapeshifting musical project. Although Psychanaut’s sound lends itself to performance as a large production progressive/rock project, shows can be scaled down to a sweet acoustic/electric set for more intimate shows.

A native of Los Angeles, Scarlet has been performing and writing music for much of her life. Her extensive experience in touring and studios is evident in her compelling stage performance and passionate vocal deliveries.
Brian grew up playing in rock bands, gigging and recording throughout the Northwest, and continues to be a prolific songwriter and inspiring performer. A versatile guitarist, he is also accomplished on a variety of other instruments.

In 2004 these two songwriters decided to put their talents together to create “soul-satisfying positive rock music”. For many years the project performed under the name of Rock Scarlet, but the expanding energy of the music and the evolution of the band called out for a new name. Psychanaut was chosen; “an explorer of inner space.”

Psychanaut is about consciousness, both personal and social, and is committed to sharing positive, passionate and insightful energy with their music. Live, songs are often tied together with surprising musical soundscapes that weave a spell of beauty.

Then there’s the songs themselves. Powerful songs like “Wayside” explore the deep reality beyond the average mindset. Contrast that with playful tunes like “Riding the Wheel”, which is about the joy of riding the cosmic wheel.  “Looking Glass Road” has an irresistible groove that provides a soaring trip into “the other side”, while “Egypt Eyes” is a quietly haunting melody about other lives. “We choose to be conscious and positive, which can be challenging when you are also very politically aware”, says Scarlet, ” Humankind is going through an evolutionary change, and change can be tumultuous. But we choose to look at this from a bigger perspective and have fun with it.”

Psychanaut’s appeal goes beyond genre and age. As their internet presence continues to grow, an enthusiastic international listener-ship thrives. This project doesn’t perform as frequently as some, but performances throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California always draw a crowd of widely varied ages and lifestyles.

Although the musicians emphasize that they’d prefer people hear the uncompressed versions of the songs, they’re available as MP3 downloads and streaming.

“Staying true to our vision and playing for love of the music and the energy is what its all about”, says Scarlet. “It’s joyful. The people who are on the same wavelength always find us.”

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